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    I am an experienced tattoo artist working mostly in colour fantasy realism. But my beginnings in tattooing started with fascination of neotraditional style, which I am currently developing.

     I was born and raised in Kielce in Poland and this was the place where I began to my live my life full of artistic expression. At the young age I was drawing a lot, mainly redrawing DC and Donald comics and the more I was drawing the more I was learning different techniques. There was graffiti, print, vector and recently 3d art. It was my side hobby apart from skateboarding and getting my masters degree in Automatics and Robotics. Soon enough I was asked to do side projects like logo designs, commissioned cartoon characters, amateur movie editing or visual directing.

But I realised that designing tattoos and tattooing them on real skin is the way of expression I would like to experience more.

      Thanks to friend who borrowed me his machines and the best tattoo artist in my town back in the day Tomasz Łatasiewicz, I began learning by practice and experiments with styles and machine setup. After 2 years I made a very easy decision to change my hobby and a lifestyle into full time experience . The studio where I made my baby steps as a tattooist was Speak in Color Tattoo in Silesia, Poland. Soon after I decided to move on and try my best in one of the most amazing art places in the world, to London.

   Now you can find me in a Six Bullets Tattoo Studio working with one of the best in the business !

 See you soon 


Six Bullets Tattoo - 154.jpg
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