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Art of Shame

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Have you ever felt ashamed or been made to feel ashamed of the work you’ve shared ?

When I was learning how to tattoo I tried to discover myself through exploring a lot of different fields of art and tattoo styles. With every new work, I was putting put a lot of effort to understand the basic principle of style and try to make it my own, the best way I could. Most of the times I was really happy with the outcome and wanted to do more designs in that particular style but the unforgiving feedback I got from social media was marginal. It is worth mentioning that for many of aspiring artists, sharing on SocialMedia is only way that they could really connect to the audience and other people who also love doing art, and the only place where they can really see how it was received.

The low interest feedback I got on my new works was because, the audience of my page maybe didn’t understood what the work was about or they compared it to other works they knew and didn’t see the „comforting resemblence”.

The SocialMedia infamous algorythm is mainly focusing on narrowing style to the easiest most repetitive form, and that form is comforting for the viewers because it gives them feeling of knowing the author very well. Knowing what they can expect from them gives them pleasures feeling.

Remember that the like count on your instagram shouldnt make you feel ashamed of your work because it could stop you from improving and exploring more art. Do what you love and never be ashamed of unseen judgement.



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