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Best Way to Heal a Tattoo Part 1/4

General Information

Please make sure the tattoo is completely dry, because you cannot apply the cream if the tattoo is wet. This is extremely important and remember that you need to do everything with clean hands.

  • Tattoo will become itchy when is healing. Do not scratch it, otherwise you will damage the tattoo.

  • Avoid leather and synthetic fabrics. Wear Cotton clothes that won’t irritate the tattoo.

  • Be gentle when you clean your tattoo and do not use excess water.

  • Scabs are rare, but in case you have them do not put cream on it until the areas are fully dry. Let the scab peel of naturally. If there will be redness around scab, take a picture of the area in a daylight and send it over to me so I can advise.

  • The tattoo can be painful the day after. If possible, take a day or 2 off from work/activities if you got a big area tattooed. You will give the skin the time  to relax to settle the ink and start the healing process.

  • Do not use fake tan, perfume or cosmetics on your tattoo.

  • Do not go swimming, use a sun bed or go to the gym for at least one week after.

  • This is a specific aftercare for the tattoo advised by me, every step is fundamental and important for a good healing. Please follow it. If you have any problem or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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