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Nowadays, in Art there is more marketing than real content.

Do you feel the same ? Can you remember when you were a kid and you could spend lots of time focusing on this one thing only , feeling detatched from the world outside just to enjoy this comic, book, cartoon or drawing ?

You might get the same feeling when scrolling your phone these days. But what is sad about it, the process is more engaging than the content itself. We don’t stop to look at the things that we like , but rather we are being caught by the engaging montage tricks of a TikTok video or a Reel.

When someone start their artistic career, more than often they get advice to choose one thing only and focus more on labelling it, paking it in sparkly wrap and making it a product. Don’t get me wrong, there is many people who make great art and does amazing marketing together. But, for someone who just started their pursuit for the best way of expression what they feel, this is totally wrong as they are told how to sell that instead how to find inside what is truly theirs.


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